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Benefits and Pricing

We offer 2 plans designed to fit a range of financial needs from dipping your toes into the world of investing, to maximizing your financial power.


Minimum deposit

KES 5,000($50)

Everything you need to invest like an expert

  • Personalized portfolio
  • Automated Advice
  • Free financial education
  • Low cost, globally diversified portfolio
  • Dividend reinvesting With
  • 1.00% management fee p.a.


Minimum deposit

KES 100,000($1000)

A lower fee & a trusted advisor

  • All Basic Plan features Plus
  • One-on-one financial planning session with an expert With
  • 0.75% management fee p.a.
  • KES 2,500($25) upfront payment

What type of investor are you?

Simply answer a few questions about you & your financial goals

How we compare

NdovuDo it yourselfTraditional Financial Advisor
Getting Started5 Minutes online, anytimeResearch of what to buyFace to face meetings
Minimum InvestmentKES 5,000($50)Typically KES 100,000($1,000)Typically KES 5M($50,000)
Global ExposureYesNoYes
Fees0.75% - 1.00%Typically KES 1,000 - 1,200($10-12) per trade.
Discounts on high-volume trading
Typically 5% - 7%
Underlying Portfolio Cost0.05% - 0.25%0.05% - 3%Depends on assets allocation
Additional CostsMoney transfer fees onlyMoney transfer fee,
Setup fee,
Administration fee
Setup fees upto 3%,
traditional fees up to 1%

Ndovu Fee Breakdown

We believe in being transparent. Please see a further breakdown of fees here.

How we compare to other providers

NdovuOther Providers
Minimum InvestmentKES 5,000($50)KES 100,000($1,000)
Lock up PeriodNone24 Months
Fees Based on
Investing KES 10,000($100) for 1 year
KES 100($1)KES 10,000($100)

Are you ready for financial Freedom?

Simple way to make your money work

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