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Diversification - What is it?

Diversification – What is it?

Diversification, let’s talk about it! 🔊 ‘We were not taught about investing when growing up.’ This sentence has been uttered multiple times by attendees during our monthly Ndovu Academy webinars. A quick internal poll on this issue produced the following results: However, when we changed… Read More »Diversification – What is it?

What is a bond

What is a bond?

A bond is an IOU.
When you buy a bond, you are loaning money to a borrower (in finance terminology, the borrower is called an ‘issuer’) for a defined period of time.

Difference between a trader and an investor

Difference between a Trader & an Investor.

To put it simply, trading is a skill of perfectly timing the market whereas investing is the art of wealth creation through compounding and reinvesting profits in interest and dividends over years by holding quality assets in the market. Traders’ main focus is usually on the price movement of stocks in the market. If the price of an asset significantly goes higher than how it was when it was bought, traders take this opportunity to sell the stock and gain a profit.